I'll See You Again

by Out of Sight

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released October 15, 2016

All songs written by Out of Sight except Words Without Actions which was written by Kill Your Idols
Backing Vox on Invincible Illness, The Dream, and Patriarchy Ruins Movements by Felecia Fox
Recorded/mixed/mastered in Summer 2016 at the Fox Hole by Cory Cairn and King Georgia Fox Cairn
Jack and CD Art: valori.autonomie
Insert Art: Cory Cairn and Felecia Fox



all rights reserved


Out of Sight Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Streets of Rage
Portland’s changing, Portland’s changing, gotta stand in line for each occasion. That’s the way that progress works, same old shit but ‎the times @ changing. Rents are raisin’, rents are raisin’, even punk houses get condo razin’. It’s coming down the grapevine, if you ‎can’t pay up its time for grazin’. Yuppiefication, yuppiefication, an artisan gentrification. Condos and boutiques with an Uber Lyft ‎to your destination. Infiltration, infiltration, it won’t stop now full scale invasion. That’s the way that progress works, same old shit ‎but the times @ changing. Streets of rage, streets of rage. Punch a yuppie scum in the face. Let’s go to the artwalk and rob some ‎mother fuckers. Class migration, class migration, playground for a foodie vacation. Soft serve privilege with sprinkles of a racist ‎nation. Self-gratification, gratification, the new model commodification. That’s the way that progress works, same bullshit but times ‎@ changing. This town used to feel so different but maybe I was just ignorant of the impact that we were having as an early wave of ‎gentrification.‎
Track Name: Invincible Illness
To those having trouble staying on their feet, working the painful 40 just to make ends meet. Wages getting garnished for your medical bills and the boss is cracking down as your absences build. To those chasing after a life now gone, feeling shut out, isolated, and alone. You got sick and stepped out for a couple of months, you got forgotten, came back, and everyone had moved on. You stopped inviting me out to shows or the bar, I couldn’t even get out to the grocery store. I stopped calling ‘cuz you don’t come round, I guess you just don’t care. When I tried to explain you said you understood but that was the last fucking time I ever heard from you. I’m a really busy dude, ain’t got time to just sit around. Convert all of our pain into rage! Sharpen all of our spoons into shanks! It’s no one’s fault that you feel uncomfortable, it’s just sad that you are, more willing to make an accommodation for a friend with a dog than a friend with a wheelchair. Invincible not invisible! Though they tried to erase you. Invincible not invisible! We're still fucking here! To the radical organizers hard at the work, using able bodied standards of productivity as a metric to judge another human being's worth. You're no better than the fucking bosses to me! To all the anti-civ pieces of shit advocating for a world where we can longer exist. To all the edgy cool kids with their ableist jokes I see you all and I'm fucking making a list. Fuck you! You don’t look that sick. Fuck you! Why is it always about you? Fuck you! Why don’t you ever come out? We're still fucking dangerous! Fuck you! Can’t you see you’re bumming me out? Fuck you! Have you tried yoga, do you meditate? Fuck you! Stop being so needy. We're still fucking here! Every pitying look or snide remark cuts deeper than doctor’s scalpels. This disease isn’t what keeps folks from being a part of your scene, it’s just people like you. Invincible not invisible! Though they tried to erase you. Invincible not invisible! We're still fucking here!
Track Name: The Dream
Catastrophe from the economy, the seas are all boiling. No more apathy, we can see that internationally people are revolting. Can’t you see how easily the walls are all crumbling? So dance with, the system is burning. No more need for the barricades, we are finally free. We’ve lived through the Nightmare, now let’s live the Dream. Without greed, in community, we come to live together. It’s all free, to each their need, we all receive food, clothes, and shelter. Transparently, honestly, with modesty we’ll learn from our errors. So dance with me, the system is burning. No more need for the barricades, we are finally free. We’ve lived through the Nightmare, now let’s live the Dream. No more relying on the state and its crumbling institutions. Start living for more than material possessions. Work together for the common needs without competition. Sharing our lives together to break from the isolation. Debtless, classless, godless, masterless. Dream on.
Track Name: Ourselves
We’re learning, we’re training, and struggling, and fighting to better ourselves. We’re reading, we’re teaching, we’re growing, and fighting to take care of ourselves. We’re stumbling, we’re falling, we’re rising, and fighting, we can handle ourselves. Nobody’s gonna protect us, we best defend ourselves. Can’t trust a word that they say, we’ll have to trust ourselves. We’re working, we’re scheming, and hustling, and fighting to provide for ourselves. We’re studying, practicing, questioning, and fighting to think for ourselves. We’re searching, we’re hungry, critiquing, and fighting to challenge ourselves. We’re gasping, we’re breathing, surviving, and fighting to live for ourselves.
Track Name: Stand With Me
Though exhausted, the black and red faded grey. No choice remains for you but to step back into the fray. We hear the call of the din and crash of battles thought resolved generations past. The smokes forever rising but I know you'll find your way. Though the world's on fire you don't have to face the flames alone. Though the workers grow more tired and the far right just seems to grow. So stand up to the bosses, together we'll smash the fascist threat. Keep on fighting for tomorrow because they haven't killed us yet. Fascist creep, the curtains rising, the stage is set and time for fighting. The enemy’s in the open, prepare yourself for confrontation. We’ve been divided from in-fighting. Tired and disillusioned, we’re left wide open but we’re prepared for confrontation. Nationalism takes a global hold. With swelling ranks the far right grows bold. Increased attacks on the marginalized the same tired old story goes. So stand with me. So stand with me! Time to decide what side you’re on. There’s no more middle ground to stand on. So stand with me. We let them be for far too long. Tell me now what side you’re on and stand with me. So stand up to the bosses, we'll smash the fascist threat (smash them fucking dead). Keep on fighting for tomorrow because they haven't killed us yet (we’re not fucking dead).
Track Name: No Tears For Dallas
No Tears for Dallas. Two more killed by police. A broken taillight and hustled cds. But now the real tragedy is supposed to be ‎about some dead cops. The only surprise is that it took this long. Police killed at least 1,000 last year alone*. How the fuck are ‎people supposed to react?‎
‎*Washington Post reported that the police in the U.S. fatally shot 990 people in 2015 but this number does not include how many ‎people were killed by police by other means such as beating, strangling, tasering, etc. It also does not include the many more people ‎that died while incarcerated in jails, prisons, and mental hospitals due to excessive force, medical neglect, or suicide.‎
Track Name: Out of Sight
Everywhere in the city people gather with nowhere to be. Nowhere to eat, nowhere to sleep, getting chased away, get the fuck away. Out of sight, out of mind. Rents skyrocket, too much to pay, paving the way for new money. Sweep the streets, arrest and fine. Now tourists won’t see them while standing in line. Support the camps until they come, then chase them out under the gun. Warehouse the homeless in an industrial dump, gotta chase them away, get the fuck away. The alternative proposal is using a jail. How could this proposition fail? Can’t be choosey if ya can’t pay, they’d probably drag your ass there anyway. Too painful of a reminder of vulnerability and of the economy’s fragility. Consolidate the problem in a quarantine so this symptom of capitalism can’t be seen. Out of sight, out of mind.
Track Name: 4 More Years
Every four years repeat the same broken process and public charade. Four more years until we have to be bombarded with more ‎balloons and empty clichés. Four more years until we have to deal with this bullshit again. “Least worst candidate” is only the ‎answer if the questions you’re asking don’t challenge the system. Voting’s no answer, if you’re tired and angry, organize and dick ‎punch the system.‎
Track Name: Patriarchy Ruins Movements
Sacrifice those years of friendship and struggle just to defend another white dude with a big mouth and a posture. Paranoia, anger, disappointment that your movement was no different despite all the pageantry. Patriarchy ruins movements. One person can cause this much trouble but it’s been festering beneath the skin ever since we pretended to be optimistic. How quickly you gave up your principles, was your blind loyalty really worth it? Patriarchy ruins movements. Prioritize the male subjectivity in the spaces meant to challenge this very fucking thing. Reinforce a culture of shaming and silencing while you protect the abusers. Nobody moves, everybody gets hurt.
Track Name: Believe
After years of a drunken haze, woke up and tried to believe that we would change the world. How fucking naïve. I just wanted to believe that we could be better than what we’ve been and that in the process of fighting back we could be the Dream that we talked about all night and through the years. But reality fought back, pessimism is the worst hangover. Deflated from one defeat after another, we looked inward and hated what we’d seen. If you look close enough you’ll see the worst in everyone and everything falls apart, crumbled at the seams. We’re left back at where we fucking started. Nothing but ourselves and a handful of friends if we’re even that lucky. I just wanted to believe. Now tell me, what do you believe?
Track Name: I'll See You Again
To my friends for whom it’s been years, I miss our late nights over some beers but I know I’ll see you again. It’s been a rough time the last couple of years and now saying goodbye with a facefull of tears but I know I’ll see you again. We’ve gotta go in our own directions even if it means saying so long. That’s how we continue to grow as individuals, otherwise what would we have to offer the relationships that make us who we are. Together we’ve come this far, I’ll see you again. I am who I am because I’ve known you. I’d never have lasted this long if it wasn’t for all of you.